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  • Self Driving/Autotomous Cars
    2015-06 rickatech


    Stay tuned ...

  • Mars
    2017-03 rickatech


    Habital planets need a radiation shields, and enough gravity to build up an atmosphere.

  • E-Fuels
    2015-05 rickatech


    Increasingly affordable renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal, ...) and increasingly affordable peak demand shifting batteries are providing increasing incentives for developing new chemistries for sustainable production of high quality synthetic fuels.

  • Open Source and the iPad
    2010-07 rickatech


    What Apple has achieved is to break through _part_ of the strangle hold the mobile carriers have on the wireless market, and effectively destroy propietary content formats that enforce freedom constraining digital rights management on content. Anyone can get the free tools Apple provides and develop an iPhone/iPod application. Publishing is easy if you steer clear of smut in your application, and Apple doesn't care if your application source code is free.

    Expect you could find some sort of hack to replace Apple's IOS with some Linux kernel, but if the carriers won't recognize your signals after doing so what's the point. Same thing with Android, which is essentially just as tightly control by Google as IOS is by Apple.

    Lastly, iPad and its smaller ancestor iPod Touch in many ways show that we still don't know how to let people use wireless devices effectively ... the user interface and core applications are still in wild flux, yet both of these devices easily do end runs around the wireless carriers by using uncontrolled WiFi where possible to connect to the big pond. Linux WILL NEVER surpase the UI wonk's at Apple and other commercial companies, and open source WILL NEVER directly bust open the locks wireless carriers and Hollywood have on access and content like a company like Apple can with its iTunes store.

    When content and bandwidth are free, then the highly efficient open source model will assert itself properly in the wireless space. Until then open source will steadily increase its dominance on the backend side of the Internet, but it will continue to need Apple to 'make money' by destroying the profit motive of closed wireless networks and content providers.

  • Gift Based Gender Role Reversal

    Imagine a prize/goal seeking party game that forces men to behave as women and visa versa.

  • Insects/Birds Organically Deposit Building Materials Where Needed

  • Buddhism, Just another 12 step program?

    Recently I've been attending some Buddhist prayer meetings with a friend and our kids.  It then struck me that thousands of years ago Buddhists essentially pioneered the twelve step program.  I mean come on, The Four Noble Truths + The Eightfold Path, that's twelve baby.  eerie coincidence?  I think not.
  • Methane Capture
    2009-01 rickatech


    Excess methane in the atmosphere, even more than CO2, is said to contribute significantly to global warming. However methane is directly combustable whereas CO2 is not. A radical approach to reduce global warming then would be to build wind powered methane capture devices and just burn the captured methane to produce energy. Its a win win - removes methane from the atmosphere and produces green energy at the same time.

  • Flying Car


    "What the world needs now, is a new kind of transport, cause the old kind just bores me to death."

    - sing to melody of Teen Angst by Cracker.
  • Space Travel

  • Its the weather, stupid

    What makes certain parts of the planet attract business and talent.
  • Storage Locker Farm Dilemma: plague of the Biosphere or prelude to the affordable housing of tomorrow?

  • Space Travel

    For deep space travel to be practical for humans, new propulsion systems that transcend traditional chemical reaction thrusters are needed.

  • Deep Space Expansion

      In related news:

    Perhaps the recent difficulties of the scientific community to easily determine the age of the universe are due to a still to be discovered phenomenon by which electro-magnetic and gravitation energy degrade into new pockets of space between the stars. This making all attempts at justifying the Big Bang by a guess of the age of the Universe totally irrelevant since the very nature of energy may be causing new space to be created.

  • Planetary Core Waste Disposal
    2015-09 updated, rickatech


    Musing about how most toxic and difficult to recycle materials might be broken down by the Earth's hot magma.

  • Urban Biosphere - Integrating biosphere use for urban, park, and wildlife
    20xx-xx rickatech

    Development is necessary for modern civilization.  However alleged development that blithely ignores well established environmental norms typically is regressive: alienates people from the environment, forces unnecessarily high amounts of mechanization where previously simple behaviors not only we're adequate, but enriched communities, and unduly displaces wildlife and habitat for sterile concrete jungle prison fenced hellscapes.

  • Coffee 21st Century Style
  • California Neighbor Estrangement
    Why are Californians such unfriendly neighbors? Because the beautiful weather naturally incites people to have affairs?  By keeping your relations with neighbors cool, you are compensating for the hormone encouragement of the really nice weather, which allows you to keep your atomic family intact.  Do Greece, Italy, and Spain have similar neighbor relations?
  • Genius in the Wings - how when new technology transitions into cheap media and distribution technology, new geniuses and forms emerge that would otherwise have gone unnoticed and undeveloped.
  • Attack Iraq?

    Would it be better just to take a chunk of Iraq and call it a UN protectorate. Then tell Iraq that anymore severe UN violations and we will expand the protectorate. Sort of like we just broke your left arm. Do it again and we break your right arm.
  • Space Shuttle Columbia

    Space needs a face for our attempt to do the almost impossible.