Astral Musings
The End of The Bandwidth Rush
(fredness), January 2003

Work in progress

Its not the amount of bandwidth that benefits society, rather it is a connection to the Internet where there was none before. Dramatically increasing an existing connections bandwidth does not commensuraetly increase that connections benefit to society. The only possible exception to this might be where increasing bandwidth makes a connection less unreliable and inconvenient (i.e. dialup -> DSL/cable).

Upstream bandwidth = BIG value. Downstream bandwidth = little value.

So because society sees little benefit in signicant bandwidth upgrades to the Internet all business that made money during the early expansionj of the Interent (when first connections points were a steady source fo grwoth) are now old businesses. For the most part, the current Internet backbone is as fast and as sophisticated as it needs to be - any business banking on unmet needs to growth the Internet will fail.

The Bandwidth Rush is over. Like the Gold Rush of the mid 19th century, the Bandwidth Rush of the late 20th century has transformed the landscape of society as we know it, but has also made bandwidth an old world technology that no longer benefits from growth.

That bandwdith to the Internet can now more or less be taken for granted has created afertile field for the next big information social transformation. However, what it is, how it will happen, and who will benefit the most from it is only a guess.

Astral Musing