Astral Musings
Encrypted Broadcast Fallacy
(rickatech), September 2002, updated January 2003

Attempts to get mass populations to authenticate themselves for the sake of their own entertainment will always fail.

Developing a work around to copy an encrypted broadcast will always be a trivial exercise. Why? Because the very nature of broadcast means that there is no single key that will unlock it since it is in fact being broadcast to everyone. All it takes is one matching key to be compromised and the sharing aspects of social engineering will unlock the rest.

Securing broadcasts with hardware will make it too expensive to broadcast to everyone. Niche markets to affluent viewers may buy expensive hardware, and very niche marketing to the technically capable may get by with entering authorization codes on inexpensive hardware, but the remaining market can not afford to view encrypted broadcasts without hardware sponsorhip nor will they tolerate the hassle of entering authorization codes just to amuse themselves.

Astral Musing


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